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We have created music videos of selected song demos, produced by Changemakers Productions, which are featured below and are on You Tube and other popular video sites.


The songs are copyrighted and registered on BMI, so they're for viewing only.  If you are a record company or producer, please contact us about licensing the songs.  You're welcome to change the musical style or music if you only want rights to the lyrics.  All the lyrics are by Gini Graham Scott, and any co-writers are included in the music credits. 

Here's a complete listing of the videos available for viewing:

"I'm a Nighttime Man in a Daytime Job"

"Midnight Roads"


"I'm Gonna Stop Loving You"


"Three Squares and a Roof"


"I Sure Wish a Man Could Be More Like a Dog" 


"Do You Look Like Your Dog?"


"What Kind of Dog Are You?"


"Banking On You Jesus"








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